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Originally Posted by Jiji
Ce tare-s )

Si 2 de-odata
Oups ! Did my IQ just dropped 2 points ? Mda , ce sa mai zic ?. Care plm isi da aere pe aici ? Esti un lake si jumatate suferi ca am scor mai bun ca a tau ? si dupa asta vii cu scuze de genu " pai sa stii ca windowsu e de 6 ani " jet ba lake si lasa-ne , eu un kkt in ploaie ? fmm de copil infect se vede cati ani ai ma frustratule , m-am lamurit cu tine stii tu vorba aia :
I've become dumber just by reading this. Removing you from the gene pool would not only be helpful to society, but would be praised in songs for generations.

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