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Default Dr. DivX - Turn any video (DVD, DV movies, etc.) into a DivX® file


Dr. DivX is an all-in-one video creation package that lets you create DivX video from any source right on your computer in just 3 easy steps. At this time, Dr. DivX is available in an English language version only. Dr. DivX was designed to let anyone from the widest eyed newbie to the most grizzled expert create high-quality DivX video from any source in just 3 easy steps. Just choose your video, select your settings and click encode. Once encoded into DivX video, you can store entire video libraries on your hard drive without gobbling up precious storage space. Now you can post your video online, burn it to a CD or email it to your friends. And, with a DivX Certified DVD player, you can watch your DivX movies right on your living room TV.

Changes in Dr. DivX 2.0.0 final :

• New features:
- Add a plugin to delete source file after encoding
- Add a plugin to shutdown the system after encoding
- Add a plugin to publish encoded file to Stage6
- Inject version info into .dll and .exe
• Bugs fixed:
- Fix a crash when the DivX uninstall key is not present.
- Make sure the analysis in the batch also see the global modulo parameters.
- More meaningful error messages when an input file cannot be used.
- Make the Add button on by default so that it's faster to add a plugin.
- Allow selecting more than one job at a time to reorder and remove jobs.
- Handle multiple file drag and drop for .vob files. For all others, choose only first file.
- Delete only files that the Dr. created during install.
- Handle localised output directory names.
- Check for compatible DivX codec after install and during program startup.
- Get the video preview as soon as the fast analysis is done.
- Fix version update checks on international locale systems.

Important: You must uninstall the previous build (RC3 or earlier) of Dr. DivX. Do a "Dr.DivX Reset" after installing. If you have old job files, you need to lose them. The new build will crash if you try to use the old job files with it.

Dr. DivX 2.0.0 Screenshots

Updated: 4 Aug 2006_Freeware_Download 5.24MB
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